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Have you seen your hood lately?

This post contains graphic content. 

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few weeks now, but it’s not really the kind of extremely personal content I write about. I considered offering it up as a guest post for other blogs, and anyone who would like to re-print this is welcome to, so long as you put my name on it.

Recently, an intactivist on tumblr known as Uncutting, requested submissions for a clitoral hood chart. He was aiming to create something for the female anatomy analogous to the foreskin chart here. Naturally, he assumed, there was variance in clitoral hood length, much like foreskin length, since these parts are histologically analogous.

Turns out, he was right as you can see in the chart below.

During the submission period, when I saw his reminders and calls for submissions pass my tumblr timeline, I was compelled to examine my own clitoral hood. As I was examining myself, I thought, this is probably average. Not too short, not too long. But how could I possibly know, I later criticised myself, since I’ve never actually seen another clitoral hood?

Then it hit me.

This is the egocentrism of our sexual anatomy that drives genital cutting.

If a person examines or experiences a circumcised sexual identity, and everyone around him also experiences a circumcised sexual identity, it is then internalised that this is the preferable way to have a penis.

I have discussed this cognitive dissonance, and these psycho-sexual cultural aspects of child (especially male) genital cutting, but it wasn’t until I examined my own anatomy that I experienced the psychological phenomenon of sexual egocentrism for myself.

Another note I want to make about the above chart. The fourth picture on the top row is a picture of a woman who has been circumcised. Remember these are all self-submits, and according to Uncutting, she was born in Sri Lanka where both male and female infant genital cutting is widely practised. This woman only had her clitoral hood removed, and other than a missing foreskin, is intact.

I can’t tell the difference between her circumcision and the short clitoral hoods also on CI-1. This is very fascinating, because I’ve seen on comment streams discussing circumcision, women saying, ‘my son was born with a natural circumcision.’ In a cutting culture, it may seem this way, but in fact it merely points to our wide diversity in sexual anatomy. Also interesting, in an exchange with Uncutting, he reported that one woman who appears in the CI-6 row reported extreme pleasure in her long prepuce, much like a male foreskin.

Uncutting is accepting a second round of submissions if you are interested in participating. Feel free to contact him via his tumblr account.


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  2. We in the English speaking world are still learning about sexual anatomy. We like to think that the clitoral hood is homologous to the male foreskin. There is a structure called the frenulum. There’s a frenulum under the tongue, the penis and the clitoris. Yes, these frenulums are all vertical pieces of skin extending down from the organ it’s connected to, like the one under the tongue. The clitoral frenulum includes the upper labia minora and the penile frenulum includes the frenar delta of the foreskin. The frenar delta is the bottom portion of the foreskin and is the most richly innervated part of the foreskin and of the penis. This is also where the majority of Meissner’s Corpuscles are located. Meissner’s Corpuscles are light touch receptors. We have a high proportion of Meissner’s corpuscles on the finger tips and palms. The back of the hand is lacking. Gently drag your fingernails over the palm. It tickles. Now drag your nails over the back of the hand. No such tickling occurs. The top part of the foreskin isn’t as well innervated. So dehooding of a female shouldn’t be as damaging as male circumcision.

    • Thank you for the info, Randy. It’s a shame, isn’t it, how little the average person knows about his or her own body? I will admit, I have learned much about sexuality since becoming an intactivist.

  3. It is so true about sociatal norms, being British, where male circumcision is rare outside of certain religious groups i always feel uncomfortable around circumcised penises. The just look wrong to me!

    Thanks for this great post and the link to uncutting.

  4. I suffered routine circumcision before I could crawl, walk, talk or say yay or nay. Why would this ever be removed from our ‘brothers’? I have obsessively restored myself (prepuce) to the point (pun) where nobody would know I had ever been cut. The increased sensitivity has been amazing and cosmetically I am proud to be seen as ‘entire / complete / intact. It has been a long journey but worthwhile. Excellent post on our ‘sisters’ equivalent.

  5. I’m a woman who actually WANTS to have her clitoral hood completely removed. I wanted that since, I was vaguely aware that such a thing could be done. Unfortunately, for years I had to wade through all the people conflating that with FGM.

    And now loads of surgeons advertise “reductions” but few will say if they are willing to just take the whole thing off.

  6. I have a very small clitoris. No matter how often I stimulate it, it just does not arise. However I do orgasm after +- 10 min.

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